TOTAL PRINTING SYSTEMS leverages latest inkjet technology…

Total Printing Systems (TPS) leverages latest inkjet technology to improve quality, productivity, and enter new markets.

TPS prides itself on always being on the leading edge of technology. For example, it was the first book manufacturer in the world to install an inkjet web press for interior book production in 2001, replacing its offset equipment. In 2009 ProStream_quoteit replaced its initial inkjet web press with a new press for full-color, digital, inkjet-based web printing and later added a second inkjet press for monochrome-only work. Always striving to provide better quality, the company replaced its color inkjet press in 2019 with a Canon ProStream 1000 series press because “we needed a press that would meet or exceed our customers’ expectations,” Rick says. “The ProStream consistently produces an image quality that is as good as anything’s going to be as far as the end user is concerned.” Read more here: case study.